You really like self storage! 

You see it is the best business possible for you to be in. But it is hard to buy today, isn’t it?

Prices are so high, it doesn’t make since to pay anything near what people are asking, and some are actually paying, for existing self storage facilities.

At some point you say to yourself “… maybe I should just build one.” 

"But I don’t know anything about building a self storage facility. How in the world could I do that?”

Well, here is your support. The Self Storage Quick Start Academy’s Course: How To Build Your First Self Storage Facility.

This course takes you through all the steps you need to understand to build your first self storage facility.

You will feel confident you know what the steps are, what team members and support you need, how to analyze and create financial projections, how to get a construction loan, where and how to get the self storage buildings, and so much more.

The intention of the course is that you know everything you need to know to build your first self storage facility.

You can have the freedom you are seeking by being in the best business possible for the smaller investor – the Self Storage Business. Building is the lowest cost way to enter the self storage business, and this course will support you in doing that and reducing the risk.

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This is online, you can access anytime, from any device, use it as you go through each phase, have it support you from start to finish on your next project.



This course takes you through all the steps you need to understand to build your first self storage facility.


Module One – To Build or Not. You will decide if you want to build by exploring the skill sets you will have to develop and/or get support with to build your first self storage facility. Then you will start designing what type of self storage facility you are going to build.

Module Two – The Land.  In this module you will learn what makes a good site, how to determine that, and what the process is.  

Module Three – Decisions That Need to Be Made. In this module you start making all the decisions about what you are building, the security features, how the office/retail look, what subcontractors you will be engaging, and the decisions you need to make concerning them. You will also get the sequence of the construction project for self storage and what organizational skills are needed.

Module Four – The Construction Budget. In this module you start putting your construction budget together working with the budget included in the course. It is formatted in an easy to use and understand way that you can use for your financial projections and to give to your lender.

Module Five– The Financial Analysis. You learn and have access to all the tools you need to analysis and create the financial projections of the facility you are creating. You can use this with lenders, partners, and as benchmarks for your ongoing operations of projects.

Module Six– Financing. Everything you need including how to create your Request For Loan Proposal document. You will know what to say and not say in getting the best construction loan possible.

Module Seven – The Process. Here is where you put all the pieces together and show the whole process for Building Your First Self Storage Facility. There are lots of handouts, support material, and an Extras Section with lots of surprises and projects you can see.

If you think this could support you as you go through the spaces of building your first or next self storage facility, click here.

I have done everything I could to make this as affordable as possible…. $397. No big sales pitch. If you have read this far, it is most likely for you. Click below receive information about the course launch date and special pricing.

Create the business and freedom you deserve. Self storage is the absolute best real estate type you can be in, and even if you are like I was, having no construction background, you too can Build Your Frist Self Storage Facility.

This is on line, you can access anytime, from any device, use it as you go through each phase, have it support you from start to finish on your next project.

Good luck, reach out and let me know how you are doing, and again, if you think this could support you, click here and use this course to help you Build Your First Self Storage Facility.

There is a thirty-day risk free trial period for this course. If you didn’t get what you were looking for, your money is returned, no questions asked.


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How to Build Your First Self-Storage Facility

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Will this really work for me?

Yes! If you put what you learn into action, you'll be able to get the results that Mark Helm does as he'll share his exact process and steps, one by one. 

What if I don't have a lot of money?

The beautiful thing about real estate is that you can either use your own or other people's money. It's not always about resources, but more so about resourcefulness and Mark Helm will show you how you can leverage both no matter how much money you have. 

I am not good with numbers. Can I still do it?

Mark claims that not only is he "not good with numbers" but he's actually probably worse than that. Yet, that hasn't stopped him from building an empire. Using the simple systems Mark's developed from over a decade in the industry, you can win at the game no matter what your knowledge base. 

Has Mark helped other people build self-storage facilities?

Yes! Mark has directly helped many people build their first facility, and many more maximize their earnings as he's worked with everyone from nothing to experienced experts. Since his first book, Creating Wealth Through Self-Storage, Mark has been answering many beginners' questions each week and knows that this product is exactly what is needed at the highest level.

How long will the course take?

It depends on how fast you go through things, but you should be going from wherever you are to closing on your first facility within the next 3 months if you go through the steps outlined in detail. Just follow the road map and ask Mark and the others in the group questions along the way!